Award-winning cow’s and goat’s milk cheese

Reflecting the traditional farmhouse cheeses of France and Italy, most or of our cheeses are fresh and soft in style. Our cheese factory uses the freshest cows milk from nearby Yarra Valley dairy farms and goats milk from the neighbouring region of Mansfield in the foothills of Victoria’s High Country Alps. All the fresh milk that arrives at the Yarra Valley Dairy is used for cheese production in our factory by our team of over 30 staff who work around the clock producing our award winning, high quality cheeses. See our in store cheese price list.

Marinated Cheese

All our marinated cheeses use our unique recipe fresh cow’s milk cheese as the base. We then marinate it in an olive oil blend, crushed Australian garlic and selected combinations of fresh herbs and spices, unique to each product.

Matured Cheese

Our matured cheeses are created with the vast cheesemaking knowledge and experience collectively gained over many years. Using traditional cheesemaking methods, once made, they head into our maturing room for the next phase, with the delicate white mould developing on the rind whilst the centre breaks down, producing a creamy, velvet-textured inner paste. The end results are rich, well-rounded cheeses with full flavour and great length.

Fresh Cheese

All our fresh cheeses are made in the style of the soft farmhouse cheeses of France and Italy. They are light and full of moisture, creating a fresh, delicate mouth feel. Our curds are a wonderful, creamy base for the fresh, chopped herbs we add to them, boosting their flavour and versatility. The food grade ash we dust on our pyramids, whilst once used as a traditional preserving technique, now lends the cheese a lovely, light effervescent finish, without imparting any flavour.

Food Service

We have a range of our cheeses available in food service sizes for restaurants, cafes & catering.