Yarra Valley Dairy is part of the property known as “Hubertswood” owned by the Mooney Family.

Named after one of the early settlers and vignerons, Hubert de Castella, the property is now used for producing our fine quality farmhouse cheeses in what is known as one of the premium wine and dairy regions of Australia.

The region in which “Hubertswood” is situated has a long and well established history of dairying. When early settlers came to the area a cheese factory and buttery was established, supplying the area with fresh local produce.

The neighbouring farms still produce fine quality, rich milk which is used to produce the exceptional cheeses at the Yarra Valley Dairy.

Wine and cheese are natural partners and in the Yarra Valley region they are brought together by the many local wineries and the Yarra Valley Dairy through the varied skills and personalities of the dairy farmers and viticulturalists, cheesemakers and winemakers.