There are two parts to our dairy - the cheese factory and our cheese shop.


The cheese factory uses the freshest cows milk provided by our neighbouring dairy farms and goats milk delivered regularly from the Mansfield region where the natural environment and pastures are more favourable for farming goats.

The majority of our cheeses are fresh and soft in characteristic, made in distinctly Italian and French styles; however our mature cheeses have become an important part of our production and range.


The Cheese Shop is open 10.30am - 5:00pm Thursday to Monday (and closed Christmas and Boxing Days) where we offer sampling of our famous cheeses. The shop is located in the 100 year old milking shed with beautiful views of the Yarra Valley and thousands of visitors arrive each year to taste our delicious, artisan cheeses.

All our handmade Farmhouse Cheeses are available for purchase in our store alongside a range of carefully selected regional produce and local wines.